AAI Project Example:

Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois, Springfield, IL
TRS Internet Web Reciprocal E-Services
Contact:  Mr. Kevin DeGroot

The Teacher's Retirement System of Illinois (TRS) wished to expand its online applications to include additional secured e-service access for its reciprocal systems and their employers.   Consequently, TRS needed a web based application for reciprocal system data inquiry via the internet and its security administrative components.

The Ashbaugh network engineer reviewed the existing TRS security framework and infrastructure in conjunction with appropriate TRS technical personnel.  In deciding how to ensure the security of sensitive system data, the network engineer took into consideration the future security direction of TRS of placing the replicated TRS database server behind the PIX firewall. 

The Ashbaugh team then recommended security enhancements based on the review of existing TRS security framework and infrastructure.  TRS technical staff assisted the network engineer in the implementation of recommended security enhancements so that the appropriate knowledge transfer occurred.

Particular tables were selected for data replication between the TRS production database server and the replicated database on the TRS Web server.  The Ashbaugh team assisted TRS staff with the setup and implementation of the data replication. 

A Web site was designed, developed, tested, and implemented according to requirements for the inquiry application.  The site was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL stored procedures as well as HTML/ASP and XML.  The inquiry screen was developed with the ability to generate PDF files for printing forms. 

The entire application system was developed and implemented from a hardware, software, database, and application perspective to ensure a high level of security to prevent unauthorized access to the TRS internal network and the Web SQL database, application and IIS server.

The project was finished on time and under budget.

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